[alsa-devel] Unknown card info

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Aug 22 14:21:23 CEST 2007

At Mon, 20 Aug 2007 16:29:10 -0300,
Jorge Peixoto de Morais Neto wrote:
> When I execute sudo modprobe snd_bt87x, I can't capture audio from my
> tv capture card (mencoder segfaults). It only works when I execute
> sudo modprobe snd_bt87x load_all=1. Then it seems to work ok.
> When I issue sudo modprobe snd_bt87x load_all=1, the following lines
> appear in dmesg:
> unknown card 0x878-0x1554:0x4011, using default rate 32000
> please mail id, board name, and, if it works, the correct digital_rate
> option to <alsa-devel at alsa-project.org>
> I am obeying the request and mailing this information to you. I have no
> idea what is the correct digital_rate option; all I know is that the
> default seems to work ok. I have a cable connecting the sound output of
> the tv card to the line in of my sound card; it seems that when wathing
> tv through mplayer this is the mechanism used (and it works ok).
> However, when recording tv through mencoder, it seems to use snd_bt87x
> (in fact, it does not work if snd_bt87x is not loaded), and it also
> works ok.

Thanks, now I added the entry for your device.


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