[alsa-devel] Recent code changes for HD-audio on HG repo

Nicola Fagnani nicfagn at iol.it
Thu Aug 16 14:21:39 CEST 2007

> Are you sure that you passed power_save_controller=0, not
> power_save=0?  See below.

Yes, I set power_save_controller=0. This should have disabled the  
power save
timeout, preventing the call of azx_stop_chip().

> OK, it's an Intel Mac, right?  Then maybe the culprit is the missing
> GPIO initialization.  It's done only at creation time.
> Did you get the PM suspend/resume working with this machine?
> I guess you'll have the same problem, too.

Right, I forgot that initialization and in fact the sound never  
worked after a

> Anyway, try the patch below.  Hopefully it fixes the power-save
> problem too.

Yes, it does. :-) Great work!
It fixes suspend too :-D

Thanks very much

Nicola Fagnani

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