[alsa-devel] Tascam US-428 USB Problems

Michael Bourgeous sts.nitrogen at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 08:45:31 CEST 2007


I hope this reaches the Tascam driver developer...  I have a Tascam
US-428 which worked great with my Athlon XP, but does not work at all
with my new system, an Athlon 64 X2.  I've tried using the regular
alsa driver, as well as the hwdep audio, and jackd always crashes with
a SIGSEGV, with the following message in the kernel log:

[ 2538.003798] ALSA
should not be here with counts=42
[ 2538.003806] ALSA
active frame status -70. Most probably some hardware problem.

I did some searching through source code, and found that the frame
status of -70 (ECOMM) indicates an OHCI buffer overflow error.  As
soon as the usx2y driver receives this it bails out of whatever it's
doing, and jackd crashes.  I've tried changing the usx2y driver to
ignore such errors, and while there are audio glitches when such an
error occurs, jackd no longer crashes and the audio keeps playing.
This leads to question one: Is there any reason to bail out instead of
trying to recover from errors?

I've tried all the different USB ports on my motherboard, different
USB cables, and running through a hub instead of a direct connection.
None of these things helped.  Though the usx2y message says "Most
probably some hardware problem", I think this is something that is
software related, as other USB devices have no problems.  So here is
question two: what kinds of problems, software or hardware, would lead
to a buffer overflow error, and can I fix this in the driver code?

Mike Bourgeous

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