[alsa-devel] Recent code changes for HD-audio on HG repo

Nicola Fagnani nicfagn at iol.it
Wed Aug 15 21:40:33 CEST 2007

Il giorno 15/ago/07, alle ore 12:10, Takashi Iwai ha scritto:

> At Tue, 14 Aug 2007 20:41:04 +0200,
> nicfagn wrote:
>> I tested the alsa-driver-hg20070814 snapshot on my system and  
>> after the power save timeout (10 secs) the sound stops working.
>> I am on an iMac 24''(2006) with hda and realtek ALC885 and Ubuntu  
>> Gutsy with a 2.6.22-9 kernel.
>> If I can help in some way, let me know.
> Try hg20070815.  Some bugs were fixed yesterday :)
> Takashi

Sorry, but hg20070815 still not working. After 10 seconds the sound  
goes mute.
hg20070812 is the last snapshot where the sound worked as usual, but  
that didn't include the fix for the test at the entry of the  
azx_stop_chip() function in hda_intel.c, so the code in that function  
was always skipped and the azx_init_chip() function was called only  
What these functions do is clear enough from their names, but the low  
level details are a bit too much in depth for me. :-)
Is there anything I could check or test to help?


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