[alsa-devel] Where is simple mixer control "Surround" defined for ac97 or via82xx? I cant find it anywhere in ac97....

John L. Utz III john.utz at dmx.com
Fri Aug 10 20:48:17 CEST 2007

Hi Lee;

tnx for the absolutely reasonable question!

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 14:04:10 -0400
"Lee Revell" <rlrevell at joe-job.com> wrote:

> On 8/10/07, John L. Utz III <john.utz at dmx.com> wrote:
> > It does, i think that i'll try to use snd_ac97_rename_vol_ctl() in
> > patch_vt1618() to make Surround the Rear control.
> >
> > Hopefully, i'll have a usable patch to submit for vt1618 next week,
> > woohoo!
> Why do you want to rename Surround to Rear?  It would cause people's
> mixer settings to be lost.

As of right now, i actually don't! :-)

I did up until about 15 minutes ago tho!

It wasn't my intent to change it generally, i only wanted to change it
for the 1618.

Peoples mixer settings wouldn't be lost, because the VIA1618 is
currently near unusable under ALSA.

Thus i receive regular pings from random linux loving 1618 owning
netizens along the lines of:

 'where's that patch john?'
 'how soon will it be done?' 


So, the reason for me to want to change it was to make it just like
the CMI8738-MC6 Rear Output Softvol that i have created.

That turns out to be a stupid idea, because CMI8738-MC6 is the thing
that's not in sync with the current thought on how multichannel audio
is laid out. :-)

So i will rename that CMI8738 softvol to be Surround Playback Volume
instead of Rear Playback Volume and send in a patch shortly.

The reason for all this brain-churn is that i have to make our
product work with both the CMI8738-MC6 and the VT1618.

Because the CMI8738-MC6 is what we have on zillions of existing product
in the field and the VT1618 is what's currently available.

Keeping up with audio chipset EOL's while maintaining 100% product
compatibility with 7 year old product that is *still* in the field is
why i have a job :-)

> Lee

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