[alsa-devel] emu10k1 ALSA/jack problem

jamesmstone at gmail.com jamesmstone at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 13:10:45 CEST 2007

Dear All,

I am currently working on an audio program (aldrin) which uses
libbzub driver
for accessing the sound card. Libzzub, in turn uses rtaudio
version 3.03, which is part of the libzzub source tree.

The problem arises when I am running a jack server using my
sblive, but specifying the default interface (hw:0).

On startup, a vast number of xruns are generated (>200) and jack
either falls over, or the computer almost completely locks up.

This appears to be caused by rtaudio probing the alsa devices
whilst jack is running. Interestingly, if I specify a sub-device
(hw:0,3), or the integrated sound card (intel), no xruns are

I am wondering if this problem is arising because of a bug in the
emu10k1 driver, or a problem with the way rtaudio probes alsa
devices, or because it is a bad idea to probe alsa devices while
they are being used by jack???

Best wishes,


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