[alsa-devel] C-Media 8788

Pekka.Panula at sofor.fi Pekka.Panula at sofor.fi
Fri Aug 10 09:17:25 CEST 2007


Any inside info about C-Media 8788 support, i see that repository contains 
some sort of driver for it, but what state is it, is it working as wiki 
says its about 35% done.
Happy to know also if its going for Linux 2.6.23 kernel? I think lot of 
people would be happy to get it to kernel soon as possible as it seems 
Creative has serious delays about x-fi driver (i wonder if there will be 
any Linux support at all, not looking good) and many people are thinking 
about Razer barracuda AC-1 or Auzentech X-Meridean which uses C-Media 8788 

   Pekka Panula, Net Servant Oy - A Sofor company
   pekka.panula at sofor.fi

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