[alsa-devel] problem while reading the data from device(phone)

Susovan Ghosh susovan at tataelxsi.co.in
Thu Aug 2 05:50:15 CEST 2007

Hi All,
       We are using ALSA for a application.We have a phone and RJ11 phone
adaptor-duel.I connect the phone to PC through the adaptor amd use the ALSA
function snd_pcm_readi() to capture what ever spoke in the phone.Adapter is
a USB device.we mention "plughw:0,0" as a capture device.When we run the
program we get an error "device is unavailable ".what may be the problem? or
de we required any thing more?

Susovan Ghosh
Engineer (D&D )
Ph No:-998667320

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