[alsa-devel] alsa-lib functions reporting conflicting information with two sound cards

Nicholas Smethurst smethurst at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 20:08:21 CEST 2007

Lee Revell wrote:
> On 4/19/07, nick smethurst <nick.smethurst at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I am rather confused that I am getting crossed information when
>> calling snd_names_list
>> and snd_pcm_info in order to gather information about pcm devices.
> I think ALSA's new device enumeration API can do this for you.  See
> the implementation of aplay -l (or -L, don't remember which) in the
> latest alsa-utils.
Ok, thanks for the hint (no pun intended :) ).

I see that the pcm_list() function has changed in aplay. The new hints 
API looks good.

However, I note that snd_device_name_hint() does not return hw, plughw, 
plug, dmix, etc. Are these obtained elsewhere? I would like to build a 
complete list of all available devices in order to allow the user to 
select them from a dropdown list in a GUI.


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