[alsa-devel] crash/reboot with rawmidi on ice1712 dual opteron

Florian alsa at bome.com
Wed Apr 18 17:15:41 CEST 2007

thanks for the reply. Some more info:
- system is RH Enterprise AS 4 update 4
- the soundcard is in a 64-bit PCI-X slot (so few soundcards fit
  at all)
- pcm with ice1712 is working fine
- I disabled /proc/sys/kernel/panic_on_oops, but it still rebooted
  the same way. Is there another way to prevent rebooting on panic
  or so?
- by using printk with serial console, I could trace the reboot to
  occur at the very first outb() call in mpu401_uart.c:64
  with data 0, addr 0x304C

Is this likely to be a hardware incompatibility?

On a 3rd machine with dual Xeon (same OS, same PCI slots, same
soundcard), the computer freezes after successfully receiving a few
MIDI bytes (between 4 and 30 bytes). Any hints where I can start
debugging such a lock-up?


On 4/17/2007 12:33 PM, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> At Fri, 13 Apr 2007 21:16:55 +0200,
> Florian wrote:
>> Hi,
>> on one particular machine, an IBM workstation (Intellistation A Pro
>> with dual opteron 250, 4GB RAM), opening a rawmidi input port on an
>> M-Audio 2496 card will cause an immediate reboot of the machine.
>> I've tried with different SMP kernels and different ALSA versions
>> (including 1.0.14rc3), but always the same. Syslog does not show
>> anything.
>> Using a USB MIDI interface works fine. Also, MIDI input on a similar
>> workstation (Intellistation Z Pro, dual xeon, 1GB RAM) with M-Audio
>> 2496 works without problems.
>> Any ideas?
> Hm, this sounds like a problem of ice1712 driver, not the rawmidi core
> side.  Though, the symptom is a bit puzzling; most of mpu401 problems
> is the lock-up rather than an immediate reboot.
> Or, do you set up the machine to do automatic reboot at a kernel
> panic?
> Takashi
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