[alsa-devel] Functioning support for Prodigy 192

dustin at seznam.cz dustin at seznam.cz
Thu Apr 5 14:02:59 CEST 2007

>  We can also add/remove mixer elements dynamically, but this may break
>  some (many?) mixer apps unfortunately.  So, the safest would be to
>  check it at driver loading time.

I think so.
>  > There is one Xilinx FPGA chip onboard, perhaps it is used for MIDI
>  > (although ice1724 has a built-in support, right?),
>  Yes, it has two MIDIs.
>  > perhaps it
>  > informs original windows drivers about version and capabilities of
>  > the addon card.
>  Hm, did already figure out whether this works?

No , it was just an idea. I am afraid I have no means and knowledge to check  it out. Plus it would not be of much help anyway.

>  This should be fine.  But, I also remember that probing the codec via
>  accessing a non-existing breakout caused lockup on an ice1712-based
>  board.  So, prepare yourself ;)

OK, I will focus on this direction.

>  Do you mean two enum controls for { "Mic", "Line" } and { "Digital",
>  "Analog" } ?  Or what kind of controls do you suggest?

{"Mic", "Line In"}, {"IEC958 In - TOSLINK", "IEC958 In - Coax"}

You are right, enums will be far easier to implement than interconnected booleans. I will work it out.



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