[alsa-devel] Correct use of ak4114.c?

dustin at seznam.cz dustin at seznam.cz
Mon Apr 2 11:52:45 CEST 2007

>  > Uff, that is a lot of background knowledge. Would it be possible to
>  > put this explanation into ice1724.c code? It would definitely help
>  > newcomers. Thanks a lot. 
>  A patch is welcome ;)

Sure, I will make one.
>  Then the problem is that it passed the playback substream to
>  snd_ak4114_build().  I guess passing NULL there instead should work.

Sounds like a perfectly simple solution. I am just wondering if the following code in ak4114.c is correct:

if (!strstr(kctl->id.name, "Playback")) {
	if (ply_substream == NULL) {
		ak4114->kctls[idx] = NULL;
	kctl->id.device = ply_substream->pcm->device;
	kctl->id.subdevice = ply_substream->number;
} else {
	kctl->id.device = cap_substream->pcm->device;
	kctl->id.subdevice = cap_substream->number;

If control name does NOT contain "Playback", playback stream is used. Should not be the check reversed? You are right, that code can handle the solution you propose.


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