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What to say?

It is several years ago that I am using GNU/linux. And very happy with it.

I was learning radio-electricity and electronics because I was and still is passionate by the sound. Later, I learned even more into electronics and processors. I learned music too, classical when I was young, some more modern style like blues and jazz some years later.

But I prefer to think about artistic or philosophical issues than about electronics, so I am working with Caterpillar like machines for living.

I do have several hobbies: I love to go for a walk and making music. They are the 2 only things that made me really happy. Well almost, I love my family too.

Electronics and computers are also 2 of my hobbies. I made some tubes guitar amps. The next step will be to put a dsp into such an amp.

I forgot almost reading. I read a lot of books, mainly comics and books about political facts, psychology and philosophy.

Oh yes! religiously speaking, I am a free thinker. As such, I don't care much about what peoples are saying but much more about what they are doing. I call this the prof by the act!

What else? Just ask!

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