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User contributed notes and additions can be added to pages of the soundcard matrix. Feel free to make additions and contributions. This is the official reference for user docs.

See also unofficial wiki. Feel free to make additions and contributions.

The online alsa-docs (above) have info on using the .asoundrc file. You can find more in the Unofficial ALSA WIKI and the alsa-lib documentation.

Take a look at the latest alsa-driver/INSTALL file to read information about the newest drivers and their use. If you have questions ask on the mailing lists.

Updating ALSA Kernel drivers


> Some queries about the latest 2.6 kernels...
> I presume the "alsa" part that comes with a 2.6 kernel is only
> the equiv of the alsa-driver package so do I still need to get
> alsa-lib and alsa-utils from somewhere else ?

Yes, from our main site - .

> If so, then do I have to determine which particular version is
> in the kernel and then source the same versioned lib/utils packages ?

Version is available in linux/include/sound/version.h

> What is the difference between /usr/include/sound/* and
> /usr/src/linux/include/sound/* and where might "<asound/asoundlib.h>"
> be that some packages need for compiling ?

ALSA library has a copy of kernel header files and it is backwards
compatible with ALSA code 0.9 final (which is also in the 2.6 kernel 
tree). In other words, you can use 1.0 packages without any problems.

> Is there some sane method to intergrate ALSA from CVS into whatever
> is the latest 2.6 kernel source tree... how ? .

or (use BitKeeper):

bk pull


simply copy files from the ALSA's alsa-kernel CVS module to relevant 
locations in the 2.6 kernel tree.


Jaroslav Kysela <>
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SuSE Labs
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