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You are new to ALSA and want to know more about it's features and skills? Or you are already using ALSA and want to know more about it and get some references?

This is the page for you!



The Linux Audio Users Guide provides a quick reference point to many useful documents, tutorials, links and a professional support database for Linux audio.

You may want to take a look at the unofficial ALSA Wiki too.


ALSA utils

The ALSA utils are a collection of small and often extremely powerful applications designed to allow users to control the various parts of the ALSA system.

  • The alsactl application is a way to save settings for your device.
  • The amixer application is a command line app which allows adjustments to be made to a devices volume and sound controls.
  • The alsamixer application is an ncurses version of amixer.
  • The acconnect and aseqview applications are for making MIDI connections and viewing the list of connected ports.
  • The aplay and arecord applications are for commandline playback and recording of a number of file types including raw, wave and aiff at all the sample rates, bitdepths and channel counts known to the ALSA library.

ALSA tools

There are a number of applications in the ALSA tools package. They range from envy24control which provides complete control over all devices with an envy24 chip, to firmware loaders for pcmcia, USB and the hdsp devices. There is also the hdspmixer application which is a carbon copy of the totalmix application for Windows and Mac OS platforms.

To use them you need to build and install them separately. Make sure you read the README and INSTALL files for usage instructions.

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